Trainers - How to Approve Participants

Here are the steps for Trainers on how approve participants:

1. Go to AEL website: and click on the Login link.

2. Login with your email address and password, then click on the 'LOG IN' button.

3. Once logged in, it should take you to the AEL Participant Approval page.

4. On the Participant Approval page, move your mouse to the left of the name of the participant that you would like to approve and check the checkbox that appears. Then, click on the blue 'Approve' button. 

5.This process will automatically send the participant an email letting them know that they have completed the AEL certification process and their AEL certificate PDF is attached to the email for them to download as well. Here is a sample of the email that they will receive.

6. To search and view participant accounts that you have previously approved, click on the 'Approved' tab and search the name of the participant that you are looking for.